VARIOUS ARTISTS : Posters For The Royal College Of Art, 1953-1967 (Vintage design).

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This selection of eye-catching and era-defining poster art from the archives of London's Royal College of Art would've originally been employed in-house to promote the institution's manifold art exhibitions, guest lectures, film clubs, and student balls. Concurrently topical and ephemeral, many of them would have also decorated the pages of Ark, the college's regular self-published journal. All of them date from the mid-1950s to the tail-end of the '60s - an explosive period for British art which sired both the "kitchen sink" and Pop movements before collapsing into Psychedelia. Pink Floyd's comically ghoulish 1967 Horrorball design - the poster that drew my attention to this collection in the first place - so perfectly reflects its era of conception that it could only have emerged during the closing months of 1967 I think?

Artists include Brian Hodgson (Horrorball), Barrie Bates (Young Commonwealth Artists), Gordon Moore (The Wild One), John Sewell (Markfilm), Neil Godfrey (The Savage Eye), Wendy Coates-Smith (Graphics RCA), Tony Guy (Wozzeck), and Patric Toft (Why Do The Germans Hate The Russians?) - though many remain sadly unattributed.
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